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My area of specialization is in computational fluid dynamics with an objective to solve fundamental problems in confined particle-laden turbulent flows and aerodynamics.

As a post-doctoral researcher, I worked in collaboration with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. My research focused on high-fidelity computational analysis of turbulent multiphase flows for the development of multiscale framework for investigating particle-wall interactions with high velocity impacts, large deformations and deposition under extreme environments.

My Doctoral dissertation focuses on the investigation and development of hybrid RANS-LES methods to accurately capture flow separation and dynamic stall events that are crucial for rotorcraft performance improvement. As part of my Ph.D. work, I have implemented detached eddy simulation (DES) type numerical methods to the in-house CFD solver and investigated the impact of turbulence length scales on the prediction of aerodynamic loads over rotorcraft blades.

For my Master’s degree, I modeled supersonic engine geometry using ANSYS Workbench and simulated complex turbulent flow through the engine with the help of ANSYS Fluent. As evident from my resume, my proficiency in numerous industry level modeling software indicates my excellent adaptability towards project requirement and a readiness to learn and exploit novel techniques to achieve desired results.